Wolfie's Campground

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High water does not reach our campground.


Please read the following rules. They must be strictly enforced to ensure the continued enjoyment of every guest.
The Management reserves the right to compel anyone, without refund, to leave the park for failure to observe rules and regulations. Our campground is privately owned and operated and is not liable for accidents, injuries to campers,
visitors, their property, or loss of any valuables.

CHECK-OUT TIME is 12 NOON. If you will be running late, check with the office on availability ahead of time.
RATES: are based on 2 adults, 2 kids. Any extra people must be registered beforehand, or at time of arrival or pay double.

QUIET HOURS: Dark to 8:00 AM. All bright lights out please. If outside, you MUST be quiet so you do not disturb others.
VISITOR (Campers not listed on your agreement): Upon arrival must obtain a Day or Night Pass.  Day Pass must exit before Dark.  Night Pass must exit before 12 noon of exit date or obtain a Day Pass.   No exceptions.  Visitor's vehicles must display a Car Pass on mirror at all times or risk being towed at vehicle owners expense.
CHILDREN: Must remain within sight and direction. Parents are responsible for behavior and safety of their children. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the park at any time without a responsible adult. No bike riding on lawns, walkways, or through sites. Children are to be on their site by 9:00 PM.
PETS: Well behaved, controlled pets are welcome and can be registered during check in. All pets must be kept on a 6 ft leash. Means MUST be carried to pick up pet droppings. If any pet is creating a disturbance, the pet shall immediately be required to leave the premises. No pets to be left unattended or permitted on top of picnic tables.

BBQ: Be sure our tables have adequate protection from your BBQ and grease.  Also, please be considerate of others using our tables later and do not sit on the tops, or put pets on the tops of our tables.
SMOKERS: No smoking in any enclosed building. DO NOT TOSS CIGARETTE BUTTS ON GRASS OR GRAVEL.
RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: Please help us keep them clean. Children under 8 yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
Please report any irregularities immediately.

**  Pool opens before 10 am and closes at dark.  
      No jumping in pool.  
      Swimmers MUST dry off before going in the restrooms or store.

*****   RUGS-CARPET... Only breathable mats are permitted on the ground.  No regular carpets or rugs.


                   ARE PET FREE